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Mountain Goat Cryo
GoldenCO 80401
 (720) 773-1586

Reviews Of Mountain Goat Cryo

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Allison Riley
Apr 25, 2018

Dan was professional and knowledgeable. I had never fully understood what cryotherapy was or its benefits so the information was helpful and I would definitely see them again!

Apr 17, 2018

I love that this service is Mobile and the staff and Dan were amazing explaining it all and making me feel comfortable. It's only 3 minutes which was really good since it does get chilly but not a damp cold which makes it okay. I slept really good that night and felt awesome after the session! Definitely recommend!

Kenzi Kaplan
Apr 17, 2018

I was scared to try it at first, but I am so happy that I did! All of my soreness from half-marathon training was gone moments after I finished cryo. The time in the cryo chamber went by quickly and it wasn't painful like I initially believed. 10/10 would do this again!

Bryan Rieck
Mar 23, 2018

Just got done with my first ever cryotherapy session at mountain goat Cryo. It was very relaxing and accommodating. I worked with Dan and he was very professional and knowledgeable about the treatment. Go check it out! I will be going back!

Mar 21, 2018

I loved this on Friday night at CrossFit Unveiled and hope you come up again so we can do this more!!

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